It’s simple. If you see a logo mark that you love, buy it on the spot, download the files, then use it however you would like!

How much is a logo?


Is it possible to purchase the exclusive rights to a logo?

Yes it is. Logos that have not been previously downloaded can be purchased outright for $300. If you are interested in purchasing a logo outright contact me and link to the logo you are interested in. When you purchase exclusive rights to the logo I will remove it from the store so no one else can purchase it.

Logos that have already been purchased as a stock logo are not eligible for an exclusive rights purchse. However you can pay a $150 store removal fee. The removal fee doesn’t give you exclusive rights, but it does prevent more people from purchasing a particular logo in the future.

Can other people purchase the same logo?

Yes, these are stock logo assets. Bootstrapping a business takes effort so I wanted to make logos affordable to people starting out.

What if I need the colors customized or text added to the logo?

When you buy a logo you will receive design files (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .png). You can edit these files with design software like Adobe illustrator or Figma (Free).

If you need some help with logo customization, you can purchase 1 hr of design time from me. I can help you make tweaks to the design, update colors, and add text.

I don’t see a logo I like

Great news, I am a logo designer and can work with you on creating a custom logo!

If you are on a very tight budget that’s ok, there are logo creation sites like Looka that may work for you.