Off the shelf logos. For builders, makers, and people with big dreams but “small” budgets.

Everyone wants to look great, but not everyone has the resources to hire a designer for a custom brand. Bootstrap Logos aims to provide logos to individuals and organizations that have big visions but limited funds. There isn’t any shame in having a smaller budget. That’s why I want to give more people access to quality design.

If you like a logo you can purchase it and start using it instantly.

Suggest a logo concept for me to design

Bootstrap logos is a product by me, Kyle Lambert (Twitter @imkylelambert).

I love designing logos. These logos are logos that I have made for fun on my own. These aren’t custom logos that require research, iterations, revisions, or project management. These are “what you see is what you get”. If you like a logo buy it, if you don’t then that is ok too.