First impressions matter. When you go on a first date you put on your best outfit, spend some time in front of the mirror, and try to look your best. When you attract a new customer or reader, one of the first things they will see it your logo. So make sure you look great. Your logo should make a statement and be something that is simple and memorable. Have an untrustworthy logo? It will drive customers away faster than wearing socks and sandals on a first date. So maybe an online logo maker is a great place to start.

So how do you make a logo online and affordably? Start off with a great service.

A great list of some great online logo makers

Bootstrap Logos

Online logo maker bootstrap logo store

Bootstrap Logos provides simple and affordable logos for your product or WordPress website. Bootstrap is an online logo store. Select the logo you want to purchase and download it on the spot. You can download a logos and edit it yourself. Or you can purchase 1 hour of additional design time to help you truly make the logo yours.

Pricing: logos are $10 each.


Looka online logo maker

Looka is an free online AI-powered logo maker. Add your company name, select the style logo that you are interested in, and Looka will output logos for you.

Pricing: logos start off at $65 for hi-res vector versions of your logos.

Shopify online logo maker (Hatchful)

Hatchful online logo maker by Shopify

Select your industry, theme, and pick a style. This online logo maker gives you an easy way to output a number of logos with a few clicks of a mouse.

Squarespace logo maker

Squarespace online logo maker

Squarespace provides a great tool to create a logo. This tool gives you the opportunity to get your hands a little dirty and do some of the design work yourself. If you want a hands on tool Squarespace may be for you.

Pricing: Free for Squarespace customers and $10 for everyone else.


Canva online logo maker

Canva is a great way for marketers and bloggers to build online creative assets like business cards, ads, social media images, and logos. Select a logo template from Canva and customize it on their website. Unfortunately Canva doesn’t allow you to download vector versions of the logos you create.

Things to consider when using online logo makers?

  1. Simplicity. Sometimes logos that online logo makers create are complicated. Choose logos that are simple and easily recognizable. A logo can be like an elevator pitch. Keep it short, simple, and memorable.
  2. Appropriate. Make sure your logo is appropriate for your industry. Have a hardware business. Maybe you don’t want to use a flowery theme.
  3. Timeless. Many online logo makers can provide logos that are trendy and can go out of style quickly. Stick with a logo that can stand the test of time.
  4. Versatile. Make sure the logo can work across multiple mediums. Make sure it can work on your website, social media, and even print.

An online logo maker is a great way to get an affordable logo. But if you really want a world class logo the best way to get one is to hire a designer or agency to design your logo. When you hire a designer they work with you to execute your vision and create a logo that truly works for you brand.