When you are on a budget and need a great font to use for your logo there are some great options out there. Although I am a big fan of purchasing fonts from sources like MyFonts, there are free and popular options. A great source for free web fonts is Google Fonts. Google Fonts provides a library with hundreds of free fonts. You can download the fonts to use in your design software or use on a website.

I am a fan of Google fonts. But not all the fonts in the library are ones I would recommend you use. Actually please don’t use most of of them. You have to dig a little to find the gold. So instead of sifting through the library, I put together a collection of my favorite Google Fonts for logos.

Top recommended Google Web Fonts for your logo

Work Sans
Work Sans Google Font - Bootstrap Logos

Work Sans is a great flexible font. It is a sans serif that is a little playful, so your logo won’t feel too stiff. I also love Work Sans because it looks great on websites as well as logos. Work sans comes in 9 weights, but it doesn’t have italic versions.

Download the ship logo

Chivo Best Google Fonts for Logos

Chivo is another great and playful sans serif. I especially love the chunky black version. Chivo comes in 8 different weights so you will be able to select the perfect weight for your next logo.

Download the sunrise logo icon

Shrikhand Google Fonts Best Logo Font

I really love Shrikhand. It is a great light-hearted font that can add a lot of personality to your logo and brand. It’s a fun font for sure. Shrikhand only comes in one weight so if you are looking for flexibility you may need to look for another font.

Download the dino chat logo icon

Rubik Google Font For Logos

Rubik is another great chunky font for logos. It also looks great in all caps. Rubik is very flexible and comes in 10 different weights. Make a statement and use Rubik for your next logo.

Download the light bulb logo icon

Poppins Google Font for logos

Poppins is a great “techie” feeling font. It is a bit quirky and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It could look great in a number of applications. Poppins comes in 9 different weights and also includes italic versions.

Download the stairs logo icon

Pathway Gothic
Pathway gothic google fonts for logos

Pathway Gothic is a powerful font that looks great in title case or all caps. It can work great for logos or even page titles. The downside to Pathway is that it only comes in one weight.

Download the abstract shapes logo icon

Eczar Google Fonts Logo Font

Eczar is a great display font that gives off a ton of personality. It definitely is unique will work great for the right brand. Eczar comes in 5 different weights.

Download the tree logo icon

Tenor Sans
Tenor Sans Google Fonts for logos

Need a font that is both smart and elegant? Tenor Sans is a great choice. It will provide a level of sophistication to any brand. It looks great in all caps. Unfortunately it only has one weight so if you need a bolder version you will want to look elsewhere.

Download the book icon logo

Karla Google Fonts for Logos

Karla is another great option if you are looking for a sans serif font with personality. Karla comes in 2 different weights and styles. Try Karla for your next logo.

Download the triangle logo icon

Archivo Google Fonts for logos

Archivo is a font that balances structure, order, and playfulness. Archivo comes in 4 different weights and 2 different styles.

Download the flag logo icon

Some other great Google Fonts to consider

I hope this list helps you! If you need a logo icon, be sure to check out all the logos in the store. Or if you need help and want to hire a professional designer to create your logo, contact me.